I’m a firm believer in “travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”. As such, friends and family have always known me to squeeze a trip to Europe into a long weekend, visit at least three cities on a 10 day trip, or jet half-way around the world in a two week span.  I want to experience everything our amazing world has to offer, which has brought me to 32 countries and six continents thus far.

For me, the life-enhancing thrill I get from learning about a new culture, seeing how others live, and trying new things is addictive, so I fit travel into my life however possible. But like many, I’m not in a place where I can pick up my life and relocate to another country or be a nomad wandering from one adventure to the next. Therefore, what you’ll gain from this blog is a more realistic set of recommendations, tips, and advice on how to fit travel into a regular person’s schedule–we’re talking you work full time, get the typical 15 days of PTO a year, and have bills to pay, but you still feel the wanderlust itch.

If you’re reticent to travel because you don’t think you have enough time, money, friends, whatever, let me help dissuade those hesitations and  you to get out and see the world. Hold your breath, close your eyes, and let’s dive in.

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