“And then I realized that to be more alive I had to be less afraid so I did it, I lost my fear and gained my whole life.” One of my goals with starting Mari On The Map is to inspire you to cross everything off your budget list, live your wildest dreams, and go, seek, explore. You’ve heard me say before that I used to be afraid to fly, in addition to having other real and imagined roadblocks that were keeping me from living my best life. But when I checked the first big thing from my bucket list—visiting Greece—I felt inspired to keep exploring the world.

The most fantastic part of this journey of sharing my best travel tips with you is the absolutely amazing like-minded individuals I’ve met from all over the world. From solo trips to family travel, both close to home and international, check out the below words of wisdom from some of my travel blogger buddies—all of whom are part-time travelers with regular lives and jobs, just like you—and use it make your travel goals reality!

Best Travel Tips

In addition to my “just say yes” advice (that’s #1!), they each have their own best travel tips to share to help you do what comes to easily to them—see the world!


#2 Share experiences near and far with those you love. 

“Memorable moments and unforgettable adventures can be captured near and far. Treasures await no matter the budget or distance traveled. Experiencing the beauty of any corner of the world with those we love is the ultimate reward.” -Bel, amorfortravel.com

Best Travel Tips from Amor for Travel
Bel and her family at Akaka Falls on The Big Island of Hawaii


#3 Save by exploring close to home or utilizing rewards programs.

“Some of the most beautiful and cheapest places are among nature, so I love visiting national/state parks. Parking and permits are usually a nominal fee, and if you’re local, you don’t need to take a ton of days. If you like to stay in luxury hotels, try to book with credit card points like Chase Ultimate Rewards. Always tell hotels if you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday because you’ll almost always get an upgrade or complimentary amenity!” -Jasmine, pearlsofjasmine.com

Best Travel Tips from Pearls of Jasmine
Jasmine in Bora Bora


#4 Be flexible with your destination.

“I like to use websites like Skyscanner to find cheap airline tickets. You can pick a month you’re able to travel, and they’ll show you the cheapest places to travel at that time! That’s how I found round trip tickets to Italy for only $350, which is cheaper than traveling to many places in the U.S., and it wasn’t on a budget airline.” -Julia, thephillyphotoblog.com

Venice from Julia’s Italy trip


#5 Try something new and learn about yourself along the way.

“The number one reason people don’t attempt to travel alone: they think they’ll be lonely. We’re conditioned to think everything is better when it’s shared but that might not be the case for travel—or for you. You may love going alone once you do it. I highly recommend testing out a shorter trip before doing a longer one. Start small.” -Melissa, rouxroamer.com

Melissa exploring Stout Grove near the Oregon/California border


#6 Ask locals for recommendations. 

“When traveling to a different country, don’t plan every moment in advance. Try to connect with locals and get advice from them. Who would recommend a better restaurant than a chef from a cooking class or cooler bar than a young tour guide? Stay open to suggestions and explore like locals!” -Claudia, partimetravelers.com

Best Travel Tips: Ask locals for recommendations
Claudia in Thailand


#7 Leave time to relax—it’s a vacation, after all! 

“As a multigenerational traveling family of eight, we use the two day on, one day off rule. This is our favorite! Sometimes traveling can be exhausting! The best way to see what you want to see but to still have a relaxing experience is to have two days of sightseeing followed by an easier, more relaxing day where you can sleep in and wander.” -Kam, ourfamilypassport.com

Best Travel Tips: Relax
Kam (far right) and her family in Cabo, Mexico


7 Travel Blogger Tips

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13 thoughts on “7 Best Travel Tips from Travel Bloggers”

    1. That’s awesome, Sam! I really liked Kam’s advice as well, and I plan to implement it to make all of my trips feel like vacation too!

      1. Sarah! This is Kam from ourfamilypassport.com, thank you for your comment! We struggle with it too – this is such first world probs but traveling can be hard haha! The two days on one day off rule is a life saver. Happy travels. Xo
        Kam 🙂

    1. They really do have the best insights since they know the ins and outs of a place! Talking to locals is also a great way to learn about the culture!

  1. Love all of these tips – especially the idea of being flexible on the destination. It’s true that you can find an adventure anywhere!

  2. Such a wonderful and creative article. I really enjoyed all those wonderful tips and reading everyone’s advice. Thanks for sharing Mari 💗

    1. Thank you so much for being a part of it! Your advice is fantastic, and your family looks lovely as always! So glad to have you in my travel community!

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